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Why You Should Do Weight Lifting To Get A Bikini Body

Weightlifting. It’s a scary prospect for all us ladies out there. We tend to rush towards the spin and Zumba classes, well because it’s targeted at us mostly. And not to mention there’s safety in numbers. No-one can single you out unless you fall off your bike or trip over your shoelaces.

Just looking over towards the weightlifting section at the gym and seeing all those buff males, can have the adverse effect when we’ve considered taking up lifting heavy things. So while we’re sweating our literal bottoms off, other women are shaping and toning their bodies by doing weightlifting.

Besides doing the Bikini Body Guide workout , you should be doing weightlifting too!

The weight rack isn’t specifically for the men, it has so many benefits for us ladies too. Cardio by itself isn’t so bad but throw in the barbells and you’re definitely going to see results a lot quicker.

Here’s why:

It boosts fat loss

When you only do cardio your body will eventually reach stagnation and your metabolic rate will continuously fall because your body is adapting to the strain and demand you put on. So to counteract this add in weightlifting. By switching between cardio and lifting weights your body will eventually have to guess what’s next, and that’s when the weight loss, toning and muscle gain begin.

Burning more calories

Continuous weight training boosts your metabolism throughout the day. Which means you will be burning fat even when you aren’t exercising. When doing cardio by itself it can have the adverse effect. So when you’re in the gym again give the treadmill a skip and go lift some iron. Your body will feel it all day afterward.

More energy

Weightlifting has been proven to enhance your psychological well-being. In other words, it makes you feel good and gives you extra oomph throughout the day. The opposite has been shown when doing cardio for a few hours. Cardio saps your energy because it elevates your heart rate for the time period you are running or spinning. Weight lifting on the other hand, uses short bursts of energy. So kick your running shoes to the side and pull on those gloves. You’ll get a lot more done during the day because you’ll have the energy to do it.


Doing hours and hours of cardio to shape your body doesn’t have the same effect as lifting weights. If you want to look more toned and bring forth those curves you have to build muscle as well as strength. When cardio is done for long periods of time you can lose muscle mass. By weightlifting, you will be sculpting those muscles and toning your body. Which means you will be working towards that curvy yet sexy body you’ve always wanted.

Helps Mentally

Stress and depression can both be serious downers. Especially if we aren’t happy with the way we look. Doing loads of cardio will not fix the issue.

Why not grab a barbell and take out your mood on weightlifting, it lets off steam and helps you focus on the weight of the barbell instead of your life. It has been proven that lifting weights will reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Not to mention all the healthy benefits that will give you even more peace of mind.

Sleeping better

Us women should aim to sleep about 6-8 hours a night. Yet most of us fall short of this because of stress and poor mood. It’s been proven that incorporating weight lifting into your exercise can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Which leads to a better mood and overall better health. We can’t function without our beauty sleep, so why not add something that will make you look, feel, and sleep better at the end of the day?

These are only a handful of reasons why women should do weightlifting to keep slim. It really does improve the quality of your life. And improving the quality of your life will make you live better and enjoy it even more. By adding weight lifting to your workout, you are doing yourself a huge favor. If you do have any injuries please consult your doctor first.

So add weightlifting to your program, even if you start with twice a week. Ask a cute guy you’ve been eyeing for a while to help you. Men always like showing us how things work. You never know, you might even meet your soulmate.

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