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Which Bikini Suits Your Body After BBG Workout PDF?

Are you wondering, which Bikini Suits Your Body after you’ve gotten results from the BBG workout plan? This is a common question women ask when determining the type of bikini to purchase on their next shopping trip leading into the summer months.  It can be a challenge to know and find a bikini that we like and looks good; we are constantly questioning ourselves, which bikini for my body?

Depending on your body type certain bikinis are going to sit better on your body shape and create the look you desire. This article will briefly indicate bikini suits your body and help you think about which bikini suits my body?

From curvy to athletic, there are bikinis out there that can flatter your bodies natural state and make you feel confident this coming Summer while at the beach or at your best friends pool party.

Which Bikini Suits Your Body type After BBG Workout PDF?

When looking for the perfect bikini for your body type, ensure to look for the following to ensure you get the right fit for ultimate flattery of your shape. Read further to know more about which bikini for which body and what you should be looking for on your next swimsuit hunt to find the perfect fit!

  1. Pear Shape

You have a figure that is curvy around the hips and thighs yet smaller on top


It’s all about balance. Balance your proportions and ensure coverage of your bottom half.

  • Clean-skirted bottom
  • Avoid boy shorts or thick bands
  • Go for plunging neckline or eye-catching top
  1. Large chest
    You have cleavage, and lots of it; you are chesty and require large amounts of support up top.


Support is the key. Underwire and molded cups are essential for support. Try to avoid ruffles or overly decorated tops to avoid chest focus and increase flattery.

  • Bra-style top with underwire and adjustable straps for extra support
  • High back to keep the bust up
  • Molded cups for support
  • Go for sizing similar to your regular bra size, made for a bigger bust
  1. Small chest

You are smaller on top with either an A or B cup.


Less support is required. Search for minimal coverage or decorative styles to increase the impression of a larger chest.

  • Triangle tops, bold patterns, decorative elements or ruffles create a curvy illusion.
  • Bra based, padded push-up and halter tops for extra lift of cleavage
  • Scoop tops and bandeaus can be pulled off!
  1. Athletic

You are toned, a little less curvier and mostly straight up and down.


Play up your curves. Less coverage reveals and illusion of a curvier figure.

  • Bold prints, ruffles, decorative elements on top or bottom
  • Monokinis, enhance the curves
  • Smaller bottom will create a fuller and curvier look
  • Ties on the hips of eth bikini bottom enhances the curvy look
  1. Stomach hiding

You carry your weight around the middle, almost like an apple shape.


Essentially, the key is to smooth out your middle.High waisted or tankini styles help to do so.

  • Swim suits with rows of gathered material (shirring) help to conceal
  • High waisted bottoms are on-trend and are great for covering up the bottom of your stomach
  • A surplice-wrap trims the waist with cross-over fabric
  1. Curvy
    Your body is curvy, with full hips, thighs, butt and bust.

Highlighting your curves is the key, ensuring support and coverage at the same time. If you are not interested in highlighting you curves avoid monokinis, string bikinis and thick ties as these draw attention to your curves.

  • Aim for an asymmetrical suit. This draws the eye towards your neckline visualizing the collarbone.
  • Utilize color-blocking (pairing opposite colors) to highlight your shape.
  • High waists and boxy halter tops

Which bikini for my body?

So, you are now probably thinking to yourself, which bikini for my body? Well, when picking your bikini, determine where your body type sits amongst those suggested above.

These tips will help you understand which bikini for which body and choose which bikini suits your body type. Try to select bikinis suggested for the body type closest to yours and you will be able to flaunt your body shape with the utmost flattery on your next beach adventure.

If you’re looking for a great exercise plan to look good in your bikini, read about this BBG Workout PDF program by Kayla Itsines!

So which bikini suits your body? Leave your comments below!

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