what you need to do bbg workout

What Do You Need To Do The BBG Workout

What if I told you, you don’t need a gym to get the perfect bikini body? No? Well, do I have news for you. Thanks to Kayla Itsines BBG workout, you can do all the guides’ exercises wherever you can lay down a training mat. With the help of Kayla, you will be buying that perfect bikini you’ve been eyeing for ages. You can read our BBG workout review.

BBG Workout by Kayla Itsines

First of all what you’ll need is the actual BBG Workout to do it from home. Which can be purchased at an 80% discount on www.bbg-discount.com/shop/. Without this you won’t even be reading this, but for those who are, head over to the site and orders yours now. You’ll be saving a lot of money on something that has the potential to change your life for good.

Thanks to Kayla Itsines your workouts will never be boring again. And you’ll only be working out for 28 minutes each day. Every day focuses on a different muscle group. So by the end of the week, you’ll have worked out your entire body.

A Bit Of Motivation And Lots Of Discipline

Motivation fades after a while and this is where discipline comes in. Anything worth doing has to be done consistently. Eventually, it will become a habit and you’ll become cranky if you miss your daily exercise.

Discipline and a can-do attitude will get you the results you want. You just have to do the work and stay consistent. Kayla Itsines BBG workouts are hard. You’ll have to push yourself to become fitter and stronger.

You can do the BBG workout at the gym if you want to. But by far the best thing about Kayla Itsines guide is that it can be done anywhere. So you don’t have to head out the door early in the morning. All you have to do is go through the exercises of the day and get started!

What Equipment Do You Need

To do the exercises you’ll need a few things to get you started.

  • Bosu
  • Medicine ball
  • Dumbbells (3-6kg each)
  • Skipping rope
  • 1-2 flat benches
  • Yoga mat
  • Foam roller for stretching out muscles
  • And of course, your choice of music to get you pumped up

If there are some equipment you can’t afford or can’t find there are substitutes you can use instead.

Bosu: Leave it out altogether and modify the exercises where the bosu is used. For example you can do regular burpees instead of Bosu burpees.

  • Dumbbells: You can use two heavy objects of the same weight that has a comfortable grip.
  • Skipping rope: There is no substitute for a skipping rope, but you can always do air skips to mimic using a jump rope.
  • Medicine ball: Use the dumbbells instead of the medicine ball, by holding one in each hand.
  • Bench: Any flat surface like a ledge, chair or park bench will do.

Sometimes we don’t have access to all the equipment. So Kayla Itsines suggests using your own body weight to the complete the exercises.

Your results will be a little slower, but you’ll still be toning up and becoming fitter.

Last but not least, a good attitude about your overall health will get you through the gruelling workouts. So by the end of the 12 week program you won’t just look better, but you’ll feel it to!


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