Sweat With Kayla Vs BBG

Sweat with Kayla vs BBG e-books

Welcome to our Sweat with Kayla vs BBG e-books review! If you are a fan of Kayla Itsines and her workout routines, then last year must have been a dampener for you.  With a lot of fanfare, she launched, what was being touted as the most extreme boot camp workout ever designed by her, the BBG 3.0.

The only caveat, is that it was not made available to everyone. It was only available to subscribers who would download the Sweat with Kayla App from the iTunes store at a price of $4.61 a week. That’s more than $20 a month to get access to the ‘all new’ program.

If you have completed any of her earlier routines, then you would know straight away that she’s the real deal. She has that earnest air about her and you have to hand it to her for motivating 4.5 million people to move their lazy asses off the couch.

But there are two ways to look at it. From an existing member’s perspective and from a newbie’s perspective.

If we put the Sweat with Kayla vs BBG head to head, the BBG eBooks win by a long shot. You should read our detailed review on Sweat With Kayla. There is not one single way in which the app beats the e-books and this is why.

Sweat with Kayla vs BBG e-books – Why the eBooks are way better

Someone wise once said that if it works, don’t fix it. That’s precisely the problem with the sweat with kayla app. It aims to better an already exceptional program and that is not a mean feat. The BBG, when it was launched to the general public was a revelation.

It still is. But when it first arrived on the scene, it was unlike anything people had ever tried. Women and men were getting the motivation and the knowledge they needed to finally break free of the mold, the stereotypes that they were carrying with themselves like unwanted baggage.

The results were almost instant. Within just months, people were posting their motivational transformations and recommending it to all and sundry.

The Sweat with Kayla app on the other hand, is a pricier option to pay more money to get what you already have in the BBG.

Even if you are not an existing BBG member, getting the e-book gives you more value for money than paying $20 each month. What’s the advantage here?

If getting each day’s work out to pop up on the screen is considered an advantage, then all you need is a printer and some sheets of paper to print it out and stick it in a place where you can see.

Sweat with Kayla vs BBG e-books – The e-books are a one-time investment

With a discount link thrown in, you get access to the e-book for just $39.99 which clearly provides more value than a recurring subscription. You can take it anywhere you want to in your tablet. Print it out as a book to carry with you wherever you go.

You do not have to pay an extra dime to get the work out. The app on the other hand will be inaccessible the moment you stop the subscription. Oh yes, you do not have the option to download the contents offline and store it for future use.

The most important part is that the exercises in the much hyped BBG 3.0 in the app are the exact same ones in BBG 2.0. The only difference is that they are rearranged. So if you had exercises in this order in the BBG e-book, Lunges followed by Burpees followed by mountain climbers; in the app, it changes to Mountain climbers, lunges and burpees. That’s just an example. But I think you’d get the drift.

If I were to compare Sweat with Kayla vs. BBG, I would choose BBG any day. You should read our Kayla Itsines Review for a detailed review of Kayla Itsines BBG E-books.

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