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Sweat With Kayla App Phenomenon Around The World

Kayla Itsines, a 25-year-old Australian fitness guru with her own Internet Empire, has made a name for herself in the super competitive fitness App world with her year-old App, “Sweat With Kayla Workouts”.

The App itself is cleanly designed and streamlined, with five tabs at the bottom that cover all of the functionality of Kayla’s original Bikini Body Guide. That means there are tabs for the 28-minute daily Workout sessions, one for meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, and the remaining three to track your progress, plan future workouts, and the last one, called “Education” which helpfully explains the importance of all aspects of Kayla’s workouts and breaks down the importance of things like “Posture & Injury Prevention” and “Macronutrients”.

Why Is Sweat With Kayla So Popular?

Kayla Itsines’ Sweat With Kayla App is the #1 featured Health and Fitness App from the Apple Store in Australia, the UK, US, and Canada. But why is her App so popular? Does Sweat with Kayla really work?

Kayla’s following started developing upon the release of her Bikini Body Guide, which was a fully comprehensive set of workouts designed specifically for women based on what she saw as effective from her time as a trainer at a women’s only facility in Adelaide, Australia.

That means that each individual move is thoughtfully designed to be as effective in blasting your body into shape as possible.

The accompanying meal plans that Kayla designed are meant to be followed in tandem to the daily workouts, with each aspect of the lifestyle recommendations designed to work in tandem to make your workouts work with what you are nourishing your body with.

The App is incredibly popular amongst millennials and college age women, which says something about how successful Kayla has been in focusing on a niche audience of women who are looking to get fit and healthy in a sustainable way, but may not have the resources to invest in a gym, trainer, and nutritionist. Kayla plays all three roles in her app!

What Is Different About Sweat With Kayla?

This App is novel in the way that it unites all aspects of getting into shape for a very niche audience of young women around the world. Kayla has been uniquely successful in getting women to unite around the world in support of each other. Is Sweat with Kayla worth it?

Kayla’s viral social media presence is just one way she reaches out to her fans and keeps them engaged and motivated to keep on hitting their daily workout and meal plan goals. The reassurance that, if you just keep at the 28 minute workouts and follow the super simple meal plan requirements, you will be able to change your body make it so much more likely for women around the world to invest the time and do the workouts.

Before the highly anticipated release of the Sweat With Kayla App, her Bikini Body Guides were already incredibly successful, which means there was already a large group of women ready to jump over to the new digital platform.

How Is The Kayla Itsines App Different Than Her Bikini Body Guide?

Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide was successful because it relied on common sense and research-based ways of getting your body into shape. It wasn’t asking for a whole lot either, just under thirty minutes of exercise and sticking to a meal plan for a 12-week program. As women around the world were starting to see results in just a few weeks, more and more joined the movement. But does bikini body guide work?

The Kayla Itsines App contains all of the features of her Bikini Body Guides, and much more! It includes 24 weeks of body blasting workouts and clean-eating meal plans as well as access to a unique “Education” feature that teaches you the ins and outs of the things you are doing. If you want to know why you should be bothering with cardio or plyometrics, this is where you go!

Upon the initial release of the App, many of Kayla’s followers were disappointed as you have to pay full price (even after purchasing her original Bikini Body Guides) and the workouts are not much changed to those in her initial BBG.

Many fans expressed disappointment that Kayla’s App didn’t provide them with an incredibly new and novel approach (as compared to Kayla’s BBG’s). To that, many supporters have replied that the original Bikini Body Guides were ridiculously effective and the purpose of the app is only to unite all useful information in one place so that the workouts are truly transportable and only need yourself and your phone.

The idea of being able to go for a jog to a park, do a workout, then meander to the grocery store without having to do time-consuming research into what you need to buy and how you need to prepare it sounds like it is worth the trouble of purchasing this App!

Her subscription-based app is notably expensive for an app but considering the incredible amount of value you get for what you are paying and the amount of money you are saving on a gym membership, paying the equivalent of a “large cup of coffee each week” is more or less negligible.

The Sweat With Kayla App is the second highest grossing app in the Health & Fitness section of the Apple Store, which as a workout app is saying something!

Overall, the App is well worth the fee of just about $20 / month after a seven-day free trial. With all of the same information and techniques as Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide, the diet and exercise plans the App promotes have already been tried and tested and now, with added functionality, the Sweat With Kayla App has just streamlined what was once a workout that you had to do with an eBook.

It’s quite obvious from the outpouring of Instagram photos both on Kayla’s account and on the accounts of her followers. The Kayla Itsines App really works!

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