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How to Get Fit with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout?

Kayla Itsines will not ask you to start jumping through the roof on day one. She is a certified fitness expert who understands how a woman’s body will react to a particular exercise and hence, the Bikini Body Guide PDF is designed in such a way that it will gradually progress into a fat burning routine. In the first few weeks, you will only be performing low impact exercise circuits in 7-minute intervals that will allow your body to get adjusted to it.

Kayla also understands the importance of building up strength in your muscles that will be vital in helping you continue once you reach the more vigorous stages of the workout. If you don’t know what her workout is all about, read this article regarding what is the BBG workout. For this reason, strength training and conditioning are an important part of the Bikini body guide. There are dedicated circuits to stretching that helps prevent injury and also loosens tight muscles. For example, if you have tight hamstrings and are in a desktop job, it can lead to a condition called Lordosis, where your lower belly distends outwards. There are targeted stretches in the Bikini Body Guide that specifically addresses individual muscle groups.

Similarly, if you have problem areas, like your hips or your thighs or arms where you tend to store more fat than others, then you will be amazed at how well thought out the BBG is.

Don’t know what the BBG is? Then you should read about BBG meaning! The exercises are created in such a way, that you will be dealing with each one of these body parts and you probably won’t even notice.

By the time you reach weeks 5-7, your body is already primed for the onslaught that awaits it in the weeks to come. That’s when the Kayla Itsines workout really picks up speed and begins to test you and challenge you with every new move. But you won’t be bored or demotivated because there is an entire Kalya Itsines community to motivate you.

The Community workout

That’s what makes the Kayla Itsines workout so inspiring. It is like working out with millions of people who are facing the same problems as you are. That’s the best kind of motivation that you can get. And the community members are really active too. If you are unable to perform a certain move, like the lateral bench jumps for example (which is a killer), just post it on the community on Instagram or on Facebook and you will be amazed at the support which you receive from the members.

People track and update their entire weight loss journey with daily pictures and if possible videos too.

You can always write to Kayla herself and though she’s probably swamped, she does take time and respond back to most queries. If you check any Kayla Itsines review, it does mention categorically how proactive she is to speak to members of her program.

Get into that Bikini

With all the tools and the support that you need to get on your weight loss crusade, the Bikini Body Guide is your ticket to glory. And if you have just booked tickets to a tropical paradise this upcoming holiday season, then this is what you must gift yourself first. A challenge that will test you no doubt, but bring out a more confident and fitter you who will be ready to stretch your own limits.

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