Does Sweat With Kayla Really Work?

Does Sweat with Kayla Really Work?

Does Sweat with Kayla really work? Read our Sweat with Kayla reviews to learn if it works or not!

I’m sure you have seen the hashtags on Instagram. You have probably heard girls talk about it, whether positively or negatively. The Sweat with Kayla app is everywhere. But is it really worth it?

The answer is, disappointedly enough, sometimes. I think it depends on three main factors…

Does Sweat with Kayla Really Work For You?

It only works if you follow the nutrition plan

This is definitely the hardest part for of losing weight for almost everyone. Being consistent with the diet is very hard for people who live a busy lifestyle. It is hard to cook healthy food and always have it available for yourself. Making healthy choices when you are out with friends can be really tough. The bikini body guide provides great advice and guidance on what to eat, but it is absolutely up to you to make those healthy choices. No one is going to do it for you. It isn’t just about making the right choice for a day, or for a week, or for a whole month. You have to choose it month after month and year after year to maintain a “bikini body.”

It only works if you do the workouts

You have to DO the work if you want the results. In this case, “doing the work” is doing every rep and every set of every exercise and every minute of cardio that the program requires. If you do that to the greatest of your ability, day in and day out for all twelve weeks and beyond, then you will certainly see results. New muscle and less fat. More definition and fewer jiggles.

It only “works” if the results you want are results that the Bikini Body Guide delivers

No one is going to lie to you and tell you that you will look like a massive bodybuilder by doing this program. Relatedly, no one is going to tell you that you will look like a stick thin supermodel if you do this program. You will not gain 40 pounds of muscle nor will you look emaciated from this program. You will definitely gain some muscle and you will definitely lose some fat. But everyone is different and no one’s body is the same as your body. You will most likely see more definition in your arms, back, abdominals and thighs. You will most likely lose some belly fat.

The Sweat with Kayla app and the Bikini Body Guide are designed to do one thing: make you look more like a bikini model. I think the app is largely marketed as “Do you wanna look like Kayla?”

I think it is more than that, though. You won’t just get to look more like Kayla. Sure you might get a few steps closer to having defined abs like hers, but you aren’t going to look like Kayla. You are going to look like YOU. You are going to look like a stronger, thinner, sexier and more confident you.

Exercise brings more endorphins into your system. Eating lean proteins and whole foods like vegetables and grains helps provide the nutrients that your brain needs to function and for your body to perform. There are so many benefits of bringing the positive change of fitness into your life.

I think that if this program introduces its participants to a “fit life” by showing them how to make healthy choices with your meals and snacks, how to incorporate low and high-intensity cardio as well as resistance training and stretching into their daily lives, and connecting them with a network of people who want to see them succeed.

There is a reason that they call it “joining Kayla’s Army.” The people that do this program are connected to each other through the #BBGcommunity. Thousands of progress photos are online. I have seen the program deliver great results. The evidence is in the progress photos? So yes, I think it does “really work” if you follow the nutrition and training plans strictly and want to look more like a slimmer and more toned you.

So does Sweat with Kayla really work? Read our full review here.


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